Turkish Cotton: Bath & Kitchen Towels

Turkish Cotton: Bath & Kitchen Towels - The Riviera Towel Company

Are you looking for some durable towels to use around your home? Bath and kitchen towels made with Turkish cotton are able to stand the test of time. Due to their quick-drying nature, they avoid mildew and mold problems that traditional towels face. They also are very lightweight and thin, making them easy to store in kitchens and bathrooms without a lot of drawer space. Below, you'll learn more about the benefits of Turkish cotton towels and their uses throughout the home. In addition, the article will explain why Turkish towels are a more sustainable option than mass-produced towels for sale at chain stores.

What Makes Turkish Cotton So Great?

Turkish cotton is high-quality and world-renowned due to its extra-long fibers for a smoother thread that leads to soft and durable materials. Plus, Turkish towels are traditionally hand-weaved by local artisans using traditional methods. The result is a towel that is thin, lightweight, absorbent, and soft.

What Are Some Top Quality Hand Towels?

When searching for a high-quality Turkish hand towel, make sure that the fabric tag says 100% Turkish cotton. Avoid imitations and cheaper knock-offs, as the real deal will be much better. It's also sustainable to support local artisans in Turkey who depend on crafting towels for their livelihood. It's a great way to support the economy and receive a valuable handmade item. Here are some of the best handmade Turkish kitchen towels and Turkish tea towels available.

Antibes Hand Towel

These striped Turkish kitchen towels are a classy addition to your kitchen. With multiple neutral colors available, the towel can easily blend into your kitchen, no matter your style. The great benefit of using this towel in your kitchen is how quickly it dries. Wipe up spills, dry off dishes, and use after washing your hands. This towel can quickly move from task to task, which reduces the number of towels needed, leaving you with a lot less laundry after cleaning up around the kitchen.

Cafe Towel

These handy kitchen towels come in a set of two. Display them out in the open because of their stylish and understated design and colors, or fold them up easily to put into storage. Though they are thin towels, they are surprisingly sturdy and durable. 

Tea Towels

This set of Turkish tea towels comes in a stylish striped tan and gray design. They are perfect for some added functional decor around your kitchen. Use it for a sophisticated display or dry off some dishes, as these towels are incredibly versatile and absorbent.

What Are Some Top Quality Bath Towels?

The best Turkish bath towels should be absorbent enough to dry off fully and thin enough so that the towels will dry quickly after use. Turkish cotton towels are easily able to do this, making them an excellent choice to replace your old terry cloth towels in the bathrooms. As always, when searching for authentic towels, look for ones completely made in Turkey for the best Turkish bath towels.

Waffle Hand Towel

The waffle pattern on these towels creates more surface area, becoming highly absorbent. People love this heavier, absorbent waffle towel in the bathroom as it is great for washing up and drying off hands. Its stylish look will fit well in your bathroom's decor and come in multiple colors. It's also small and compact, so you can easily take it on the way to the gym or on a run when you need a quick dry-off. 

Waffle Towel

The bigger version of the waffle hand towel, this super absorbent towel is great to wrap yourself up in after a shower. The waffle pattern is popular for its ability to be super absorbent, so you can take this towel to the pool, beach, or lake to use after a swim as well as in the bathroom. Soft and available in different shades of soothing colors, this towel is versatile and can be used at home or outside. With a delicate fringe along the sides, this towel is stylishly designed and can be used for more than just a towel. Use it as a tablecloth, decorative throw blanket, picnic blanket, and more. 

How Do Turkish Towels Need to Be Taken Care of?

Fortunately, Turkish towels are pretty easy to take care of and can be quite durable over the years. There are a few simple guidelines to follow to ensure the maximum longevity and quality of your towels.

  • Machine wash cold on a gentle or normal cycle. The more you wash your towel, the softer and more absorbent it will become. So try to wash at least once or twice before you start using your towel.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners and hot water during washes.
  • Either let your towel air dry or use a low-heat, gentle dryer cycle.
  • If your towel has snags, just cut them off. It won't damage the entirety of the towel. Try to avoid snags as much as possible, though, by avoiding washing with other garments that contain zippers.

Why Are Turkish Towels More Sustainable Than Chain Store Options?

Turkish cotton towels are a lot more sustainable than the fast-fashion towels that chain stores produce. When you buy a Turkish towel, you are supporting local industries in Turkey, where the livelihoods and financial success of many people may depend on making towels. You are also buying a high-quality, versatile, and durable material, meaning you won't have to keep buying new towels yearly. These excellent towels don't skimp on quality. They're handmade by local artisans using traditional looming techniques, making Turkish towels much more valuable and scarce than chain store options. 

If you are looking to live a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, adding Turkish cotton towels to your home and ditching the chain store towels is a great option. Because of our company's commitment to sustainability, our handmade towels are sourced directly from local artisans in Turkey. Learn more about our mission and commitment to sustainable fashion practices before checking out our selection of Turkish towels.