Turkish Towels vs Regular Towels

Turkish Towels vs Regular Towels - The Riviera Towel Company

What's the difference between Turkish towels and regular towels? If you've never used a Turkish towel before, you're probably wondering what the big deal is between them. With so many towel options available, it's hard to know all the pros and cons of different towels out there. But if you're unfamiliar with Turkish towels, you may be quite surprised to find that they are a bit different from regular terrycloth towels. Authentic Turkish towels are world-renowned and highly sought after because of their high-quality cotton. This article will further explain the differences between the two kinds of towels, as well as discuss the benefits and care of Turkish towels.

What Is a Turkish Towel?

Authentic Turkish towels are made in Turkey with 100% Turkish cotton. They are highly sought after due to their high-quality material and are made by hand from traditional looming techniques. The cotton has extra long fibers resulting in a smooth thread, which is then made into a flat woven fabric. 

Since authentic Turkish towels forgo fast fashion in favor of a slow artistic craft, they are more expensive than other towels. Typically, a higher price point signals a master weaver and a better garment. 

How Does It Differ From a Regular Towel?

Regular towels have a higher GSM (grams per square meter), meaning they are much denser than Turkish towels. A high GSM means that regular towels are much thicker and plush than Turkish towels. However, Turkish towels are far superior to regular towels and include varying degrees of GSM, so if you prefer a thicker towel, there are heavier Turkish towel options available.

Why are Turkish towels better? There are a lot more benefits of Turkish towels than regular ones. They are thinner, easier to fold up and travel with, dry quicker, and become softer with every wash. In contrast, regular towels often take a long time to wash and dry, and the poly synthetic material tends to get less soft and fluffy over time. Also, regular towels can even develop a mildew smell if not properly dried and put away, which does not happen to Turkish towels often due to their quick drying capabilities.

Turkish towels are the superior choice due to their durability, absorbency, functionality, and versatility. While regular towels are generally limited to indoor bathroom uses, Turkish towels are used as blankets, on picnics, as wraps, tablecloths, and much more. Usually, Turkish towels are made in varying colors and timeless designs so that they do not go out of fashion. 

How Do You Distinguish Quality in a Turkish Towel?

Luxury Turkish towels are generally pretty easy to spot. They will be more expensive than other kinds of towels, as they are handmade in Turkey. Always check the fabric label of the towel to see where it originated. It would not be an authentic Turkish towel if it wasn't made in Turkey. 

The highest quality Turkish cotton is made in the Aegean region of Turkey. Cotton from Aegean boasts incredibly long fibers, which means smoother threads and super soft material. It also gets softer with washing, so it will get more faded with age, giving it a soft vintage feel.

Is It Hard to Take Care of Turkish Towels?

Though expensive and handmade, luxury Turkish towels are cared for easily and with minimal effort. They are machine and dryer safe; just make sure not to use too much heat. They are also able to air dry quickly, so washes can be farther apart if you are using them as bath towels. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying Turkish Towels?

Why are Turkish towels better than regular towels? There are many benefits of Turkish towels, like their sustainability, versatility, and GSM thickness. If you are looking for a specific thickness of towel, then take a look at the benefits and uses of different GSM levels with our collection of light-to-heavy towel options.

Light Towels

Our classic beach towel collection is a lightweight option of around 200 GSM thickness. It's perfect for warm climates, so bring it to the beach to sit on and dry off quickly after a dip in the water. Also, its thin and compact material makes it easy to stuff into a crowded beach tote or picnic basket when you are on the go. People also like to use our classic towels as scarves or wraps as stylish accessories. 

Medium Towels

Our premium collection features towels with medium-thickness levels. These towels can be used to snuggle up in as a light blanket, as well as for outdoor activities. They are highly absorbent and quick to dry, making them an excellent replacement for your old regular towels in the bathroom. Since they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, finding something to match the style in your home should be easy (in case you would like to use the towel as a throw or tablecloth).

Heavy Towels

The Luxe collection is a selection of luxury Turkish towels that are incredibly thick, with a weight between 350-700 GSM. Whether you are dining out or taking in the stars on your own porch, these towels are perfect to use as a wrap on a cool night. Elegant and plush, these towels make excellent throws around your house that you'll want to show off to guests. 

Because of the manufacturing process, our handmade authentic Turkish towels are very sustainable compared to the fast fashion industry. We strive to promote local artisans from Turkey in their craft. And provide customers with high-quality, versatile garments they will want to use daily. Our handmade towels are designed to last a long time and even get better with age. If you're interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, learn more about our commitment to providing sustainable garments and how your purchase will make a difference in our mission to save our oceans.