Turkish Blankets: Winter Must-Haves

Turkish Blankets: Winter Must-Haves - The Riviera Towel Company

Are you looking for some top-quality blankets that will keep you warm in the winter season? After being outside in the cold, coming home to cozy up in a warm blanket is the best feeling. But some blankets are perfect for layering up in bed, others are best used as a throw, and still, other blankets are best used outdoors. It's important to pick a blanket made from quality materials so that you choose a blanket that fits your needs. In our list down below, we have blankets of all types, so you stay cozy no matter where you are using them.

What Makes Turkish Blankets Great?

There are plenty of reasons for buying a Turkish blanket, including:

  • Durability: They are carefully woven and made with high-quality fibers so that you can keep them for years.
  • Softness: Though Turkish cotton is durable, it is also incredibly soft. So you'll feel comfortable when you use them.
  • Fast Drying: Turkish cotton dries pretty quickly, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities.
  • Eco-friendly: Riviera works to provide sustainable pieces that are good for the environment and the local economy (the local people who make the textiles).

Not to mention, Riviera Turkish blankets come in many different colors and classic styles. Finding a timeless Turkish blanket that won't go out of fashion will be easy to do, whether you are looking for your home or to gift someone else. Our cold-weather blankets include traditional flat weaves and ones with added fleece layers for extra warmth. 

Woven Blankets

Authentic Turkish blankets are made from cotton grown only in Turkey. The cotton fibers are extra long and thin when spun, which means that fewer seams are needed, resulting in a smoother feel than regular cotton. Also, these woven blankets are machine washable and even get softer after a wash, making them an excellent investment for your home. 

Cross Hatch Warm Woven Blankets

This Turkish blanket is available in neutral colors and a simple design, which will fit into most homes' styles. Layer it onto your bed when you need extra blankets for winter. Or, show off the hand-tied tassels by hanging the blanket on the edge of your couch for a cozy accessory in your living room. If you're looking for durable blankets for winter, this blanket is great to use outside for lounging or using on a picnic. Sourced from the Aegean region of Turkey, this blanket is made from high-quality cotton.

Diamond Woven Blanket

Similar to the previous blanket on this list, the Diamond Woven Blanket is a lightweight, soft, durable, and warm blanket. It is a versatile piece due to its lightweight feel and classy design. This Turkish blanket's diamond pattern design is stunning yet understated and is a chic choice to wrap yourself up in on a cold day. The blanket is also easy to transport, so take it with you as you venture outside, as it can be folded up easily into a bag or even used as a scarf. The blanket is sourced from the Aegean region of Turkey and measures 78 x 95 inches–perfect for a picnic at the park to fit two people comfortably. 

Fleece Blankets

These blankets have a layer of fleece added to them for an extra layer of protection from the cold. The blankets continue to exemplify Riveria's commitment to sustainability by using recycled plastic bottles regenerated into poly fibers to make the fleece and Turkish cotton to make the flat front weave. While the previous woven blankets are versatile and perfect for the outside, these large fleece blankets will be your new favorite blanket for curling up next to the fire.

Aspen Large Fleece Blanket

This plush winter fleece blanket is perfect for your couch or bed. The Turkish cotton is soft and durable, designed with a simple woven flat front in soothing colors, while the fleece gives a warm and cozy feel. The roomy blanket is 90 x 78 inches–a bit larger than the other fleece blanket on this list.

You can put this blanket anywhere in your home for an elegant and cozy look. Grab a blanket for yourself, and you'll see why they would make great gifts during the winter season. Your friends and family will love to receive these large fleece blankets as gifts due to their quality, softness, and easy-to-clean nature. 

Whistler Fleece Wrap Throw

This personal winter fleece blanket is slightly smaller than the Aspen blanket and fits snugly around the shoulders as a warm wrap. This fleece wrap is a must-have for cool-weather outdoor dining and lounging. It is elegant enough to throw on for most occasions, and its simple design and neutral colors fit well with most wardrobe styles. The Turkish blanket is made with the same sustainable materials as the previous fleece blanket. Its high-quality material ensures that you are getting plenty of value with this blanket.

Why Choose Riviera Turkish Blankets?

With so many blanket options out there, choosing the right one that will keep you comfortable and cozy for a long time can be difficult. If you care about purchasing items that are high-quality, valuable, and long-lasting, then choosing from our selection of Turkish blankets is a great sustainable option. We value sustainable fashion practices and our commitment to giving back to clean up our oceans. We forgo fast fashion; instead, our blankets are crafted with care and are extremely versatile for your everyday life, so you can use them for years to come. 

The winter season can be dreary and cold, but with these Turkish blankets, you can stay cozy and warm anywhere. The lightweight options are ideal for traveling and taking outdoors, while the extra warm fleece ones are perfect for getting comfortable at home. If you are looking to grab a Turkish blanket for yourself or someone else, check out our mission and commitment to sustainable practices and see why our blankets are an excellent choice for your cold-weather gear.