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Umbria Blanket

Our new Umbria blanket is the best of both worlds. Four layers of Turkish cotton give a soft warmth you need to feel to believe.

Color Options

Classic Turkish Towels Bold beach chic styles

We divide our collections into three weights, Classic, Premium and Luxe. Our lighter Classic towels are perfect for the beach because they dry quick and pack up tight.

Super absorbent 100% Turkish cotton makes these towels stylish and functional. Perfect for travel or bath. The iconic wide stripe of our Biarritz Collection is reminiscent of the umbrellas and cabanas that line French Riviera.

View Classic Weights

Premium Weight Beach Bath or Pool Towels

When you'd like to dry off more quickly or want a bit more protection from cool windy days, Premium weights give you extra absorbency and warmth.

As with most cotton varieties, Aegean cotton is named for its source: it’s grown in the coastal Aegean Region of Turkey. Known for long fibers (or, raw cotton strands) that are especially fluffy and strong. Longer fibers mean smoother, softer, more durable threads.

View Premium Weights

Luxe Turkish Towels Sophisticated and refined

Luxury Turkish towels are not always the heaviest weights, but they do have the most refined patterns and small details like individually hand sewn tassels. .

Although they make perfectly functional towels, you'll find they're as much a fashion accessory as a scarf or wrap. Often used for outdoor weddings on the beach or used by Spas and seaside dining in European bistros to keep customers warm on chilly nights.

View the Entire Luxe Collection

Whistler Fleece Wrap Throw - PreOrder

$ 58.00 ADD TO CART

Umbria Throw 55x75

$ 88.00 ADD TO CART

Piemonte Blanket 78x94

$ 98.00 ADD TO CART

Essential Blanket 85x60

$ 48.00 ADD TO CART

Todos Santos Beach Blanket

$ 78.00 ADD TO CART

Diamond & Dot Blankets Warm Woven 100% Cotton

$ 88.00 ADD TO CART

Cross Hatch Warm Woven Blankets

$ 88.00 ADD TO CART

Chevron Blanket 78x96

$ 88.00 ADD TO CART

We like to think our collections are more than beautiful towels; to us they are the embodiment of our desire to protect and restore our Oceans on a global scale.

Albert DiPadova - Co-Founder

Proceeds from our Towel Collections support Marine Agencies working to Heal & Protect our Oceans


"Many of us ask what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something or does not do something."

Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

From Ultra Lights
To Terry Backs
Discover Versatile Turkish Textiles

Turkish Towels are universally recognized as the most sought after fabrics in the world, because they are so much more than colorful textiles woven from the softest sustainable cotton grown on earth. They are versatile scarves wraps throws shawls sarongs and yes beach bath or pool towels









Turkish Towels are thin by design to dry quickly and pack up tight for easy travel. However some weaves are more intricate than others and offer stylish patterns versatile for everyday use. Check out our comparison chart to learn which are heavier and which are lighter for warmer climates.

Easy Guide

Essential Turkish Towel - Traditional Solid Colors & White Stripes

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Amalfi Coast Turkish Towel

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Biarritz Turkish Towel

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Santa Margherita Sarong | Towel

$ 22.00 ADD TO CART

Santa Barbara Embroidered Towel

$ 28.00 ADD TO CART

Ischia Turkish Towel

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Essential II Turkish Towel

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Essential III - Double Color Stripe Turkish Towel

$ 24.00 ADD TO CART

Antibes Turkish Towel

$ 32.00 ADD TO CART

Calabria Turkish Towels

$ 34.00 ADD TO CART

Cabina - Double Layer Turkish Towel

$ 38.00 ADD TO CART

Santa Barbara Towel

$ 32.00 ADD TO CART

Diamond Turkish Towel

$ 32.00 ADD TO CART

Sorrento Turkish Towel

$ 36.00 ADD TO CART

Modern Tie Dye Towel

$ 38.00 ADD TO CART

Essential Terry Turkish Towel

$ 32.00 ADD TO CART

American Flag Towel - Pre-Order Now!

$ 44.00 ADD TO CART

Sardinia Vintage Wash Towel

$ 44.00 ADD TO CART

Todos Santos Turkish Towel

$ 38.00 ADD TO CART

Neapolitan Rainbow Turkish Towel

$ 44.00 ADD TO CART

Turkish Cotton Waffle Towel

$ 38.00 ADD TO CART

Portofino Tassel Towel

$ 46.00 ADD TO CART

St. Tropez Bamboo Scarf|Towel|Wrap

$ 38.00 ADD TO CART

LOVE from Santa Barbara Beach Towels

$ 44.00 ADD TO CART

Hi, We’re The Riviera Towel Company

We are passionate about bringing authentic, natural Turkish towels to you that have been carefully made in small artisan factories in Turkey. These unique textiles are handmade and lovingly packaged for you.

Working to Heal & Protect our Oceans

As a family, we are committed to making intentional decisions that are good for the community, our customers, and the planet. Before we make a final decision on something, we run it against our main core values that we live by: Protect the Sanctity of the Earth and Its Oceans, Sustainability is Paramount, and always Remain True To Our Mission. From our materials to our packaging, we make choices that make a positive impact by choosing to source recycled materials for our towels all the way to shipping in recyclable eco-friendly packaging, we make sure that your dollars are spent responsibly.

Traditional, Authentic, & Beautiful Turkish Towels

The Riviera Towel Company is doing things differently by working with smaller, artisan factories that have been doing this beautiful and passionate work for hundreds of years. We hope to bring more than gorgeous Turkish bath towels to our customers. We strive to bring an entire experience of soft, rich textiles that have been handcrafted by hand with true, authentic materials in the heart of Turkey.

About Turkish Towels

Riviera Towel Company Turkish cotton towels are by far the best quality Turkish beach towels, Turkish hand towels, and Turkish bath towels you will find anywhere. You will be able to see and feel the difference in every stitch, every fiber, and ever natural dyed design. We promise! Traditionally finished and thoughtfully loomed in Turkey by people we have flown to Turkey to meet personally, there is so much love and care that goes into each Turkish towel. All of our products are fully certified by Oeko-Tex (A German certification for the highest standard in textiles). We can say with confidence that each and every item is made with the care, attention, and high quality that we would give our dearest friends. That is the way we view our community and our customers, as our dearest friends and part of the Riviera Towel family.

Turkish Towels For Events

Our Turkish towels are also available as wholesale towels, monogrammed beach towels, or as personalized towels for your special events. We offer custom beach towels that have been especially customized to give your special event a personal touch.

How We Give Back

Did you know that with each purchase of Turkish towels from The Riviera Towel Company, a percentage of the proceeds goes to support Marine agencies that are working hard to heal and protect our oceans? Some of the marine agencies we support include The ChannelKeeper, Coral Restoration Foundation, The Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Surfrider, National Marine Sanctuaries, Wild Oceans, and more. We are working together with you to create sustainability, cleaner oceans, and the most unique and highest quality Turkish towels you will find anywhere. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With Love,


Turkish Towels are universally recognized as the most sought after fabrics in the world, because Turkish Towels are so much more than colorful textiles woven from the so..

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What is So Special About Turkish Towels ?


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