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Not to brag, but people love us

I bought one of the Essentials Towels for my daughter. She requested them as she already has a couple and wanted more!

Gloria from Santa Barbara


Our RTC Mission

RTC donates 5% of our net profits to fund world-class marine organizations that heal and protect our oceans. Giving is not just about donating. It's about making a difference.


Do Good
Feel Good

We believe that businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails. This is why we donate 5% of every sale to help support environmental and social issues.

Albert DiPadova - Co-Founder

About Us

Come On In & Have A Look Around ;)

Enjoy a virtual visit via Google's 3D Street View Our boutique is conveniently located off I-101 by downtown Santa Barbara where you can walk amidst tiled courtyards, fountains, hip cafes, alfresco eateries, and wine bars that line the quaint tree-lined streets. This is the epicenter of where all the magic happens from our design team. See what we have in store for you! We carry a full selection of products from towels, bathrobes, beach bags, totes, clothing, scarves, wraps, shawls, blankets, sarongs, throws, picnic blankets, and more. Any of our products can be customized with personalized packaging.

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Our Turkish towel company is embarking on a mission: a genuine handmade product born of the hands of Turkish countrymen. We have seen the cotton fields and held their fibers ripe for harvest in our palms just as they burst, and their plush filling comes forth, those that will one day become comforting Turkish towels. We know our factory owners by name and face!

Truthfully, the legacy, family-owned businesses with decades of experience in textiles and looms are just as much a part of our Turkish towel company as we are. We know the nimble fingers that run the looms and the delicate quick hands that tie and snip every tassel. Turkish towels pack light, dry fast, feel fantastic, and are incredibly versatile.


Turkish Towels, Throws, Wraps, and Totes

Whether beach days are regular outings or picnicking for special occasions, our authentic Turkish towel company approaches towels with intimate family gatherings, casual surf days, beach camper bonfire evenings, and romantic aesthetics in mind. Hamptons Camper Towel comes in stripes of brilliant pinks, minimalist grays, and serene blues, doubling as a picnic blanket, a throw for cool nights, or a tablecloth with 100% Turkish cotton. Match our beach towels with beach totes or a handwoven straw Medina Basket with handles for all those beachside snackables.


Beach Fun

If you're like us, you love an excellent functional piece. Turkish towels accessorize like nothing else. Before or after a resort-style afternoon pool or beachside, wrap yourself in the Santa Margherita Sarong. It's cool enough to stay in the sun and thin enough to dry quickly and not leave you in shivers. It can even be worn as a warm weather scarf or evening shawl–Turkish towels are that kind of functional. Premium flare presents you with unique designs and even more fun. The Neapolitan Rainbow Turkish towel is a statement piece, along with the Cabina for a tribal glow!


Bath Necessities

For bath essentials, we've crafted waffle bathrobes with pockets and super absorbent 3D waffle towels after a relaxing shower. Choose your Turkish towel based on color, weight, or length. Our GSM guide (grams per square meter) can help you determine your best fit depending on your use.


A Sustainable Approach

We believe the best Turkish towels are made and sourced with fair trade principles and a people-first approach. Our production is no secret to us and therefore is entirely transparent for you. You can read more about our sustainability practices here.

Our Mission For Mission Conservation

Healing the world's oceans is at the forefront of what we do. 5% of every sale is donated; we've done 26 beach cleanups to date and counting! It's more than just funding a mission - it's what you do within the mission. We genuinely believe in putting our feet in the sand, getting dirty, and seeing trash leave our beaches as we donate our time to our work.

The best Turkish Towels are loomed with purpose and are proof we don't just believe in talking about high quality, fair trade, sustainability, and marine life protection-we actually live it.

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