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Available for wholesale with hundreds of customizable products for that perfect corporate gift. At RTC we believe your clients deserve gifts that give memories that reflect a life full of creativity.

Foster the right connection with our gifts. Express it. Show it. Gift it. Nurturing bonds since 2015.


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We inspire new ideas, trends, styles, and design ideas. You're first in line for our new arrivals and seasonal essentials in our 2021 catalog. So, shall we get creative together?

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Simply The Best Towels!

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“I’ve placed several orders because my clients love the quality for the price!”
Wholesale Distributor, Kristen L Bates, August 5, 2019

“Our Most Popular Auction Item”
Hilarie - Wholesale Client BV

“Love Your Give Back!”
Barbara- Top Distributor Halo

“Unbelievably Soft & Absorbent”
Kym Intl. Programs- JN


When your brand is part of the very fabric,
it becomes Art. 

Raise the bar on your marketing with stylish branding woven directly into our 100% Turkish Cotton Towels. 

Most people are not fond of big logos, unless they're crafted into the garment. 

Let us create custom Jacquard woven branding for your next marketing event. 

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