Riviera Towel Wash & Care Tips

Riviera Towel Wash & Care Tips - The Riviera Towel Company

If you take care of your Riviera towel it will give you years of endless use –  just follow these simple washing instructions.  

      1. We recommend a gentle or normal cycle using cold or warm water and at least two washes before use to ensure maximum absorbency.
      2. Avoid fabric softeners—they contain silicon that will make the towels water repellent. 
      3. Gentle tumble machine drying or air drying is both an option. If you live in a warm climate the towels can easily be air dried. 
      4. If your towel is not dirty you can simply rinse in water without detergent. Great for after the beach or pool session.
      5. If your Turkish Towel has snagged and pulled out threads, simply cut the thread off. This will not damage the integrity of your towel.
      6. All tassels on Riviera Towels are hand knotted and with use may begin to unravel. These can be easily knotted by making two sections and twisting each section clockwise until fully twisted. Simply finish the process by tying a knot at the end.
      7. To maximize the absorbency and softness of a towel, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle, about every six weeks, to restore the towel to full absorbency and softness. The vinegar removes any excess detergent, which can affect the towels' absorbency.

It is also recommend washing and drying without other garments that have buttons or zippers, which can catch and snag the tassels.  

Ciao, Riviera Towel Company