Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for 2022

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for 2022 - The Riviera Towel Company

Are you looking for a meaningful corporate gift that people will love? Finding the perfect gift that conveys your brand's quality and impresses employees, clients, and prospective clients is not easy. No one wants to give just another promotional gift that gets thrown away immediately. A meaningful corporate gift has the power to build loyalty, differentiate your brand from the competition, and grow the business. However, coming up with unique corporate gift ideas can be challenging and time-consuming. Further in this article, we discuss tips on choosing the perfect gift, plus our selection of the top gift ideas for the office that are sure to be memorable.

How to Spot a Great Corporate Gift

What makes an excellent corporate gift? When you choose a gift that is personable, functional, and valuable, you invoke a response in the recipient. Whether you're aiming to solidify an existing business relationship or usher in a new one, finding unique corporate gift ideas can set you apart from the crowd. Giving a great gift starts with being personal and strategic. You need to understand your goals: why you're giving the item and the outcome you want. Also, consider information about the recipients, like what gift would be functional and useful to them. 

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Gift

In general, it is best to choose a gift that is functional, useful, and relevant to your recipients. Being intentional about your corporate gift ideas is a surefire way to show appreciation to those closest to your company. Here are the top tips to ensure your find the right gift:

  • Pick high-quality, useful gifts
  • Personalize your gifts to the individual
  • Keep track of important milestones of your employees and clients to give gifts on those dates
  • Research and identify common characteristics of large groups, like age and standard of living.

Gift Ideas

Keeping employee engagement and high-quality branding in mind when thinking about gift ideas for the office is essential. We offer customized embroidery that can showcase your brand's logo, name, or anything else you want on your 100% Turkish cotton towels. We offer wholesale prices on towels available in a wide variety of colors, custom labels, and added-on embroidery customizations

Looking for additional corporate gift ideas? We also offer beach bags, bathrobes, and Turkish blankets at wholesale prices as well, along with customized labels and embroidery options. Surprise your office with items they'll love year round! Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Turkish Towels

Our 100% Turkish cotton towels are highly sought-after fabrics due to their smooth thread. The hand-loomed materials are incredibly durable yet also so soft to the touch. Because of the high-quality nature of the material, the versatile towels can be used at the beach to towel off after a swim, as a scarf, or as a lightweight blanket. Choose from our different beach towel styles, and customize colors and embroidery to make your brand stand out.

Turkish Towels For Client Recognition

Branded Turkish towels are great corporate gift ideas for clients. Not only is the material of the highest quality, making it a gift that people are sure to use, but customization add-ons allow you to brand the towels. This gesture is a smart business move, as sending your clients gifts that they'll use regularly and are branded with your company name and logo will keep your business fresh in their minds. Whether your clients are lounging at the beach or having a picnic at the park, your brand will be visible for all to see in public spaces. The Amalfi Coast Turkish Towel collection is eye-catching in all the right ways and is a great style to choose for a client gift.

Branded Turkish towels are the right choice for both your clients and your company. A great gift should extend your brand and align with your company values. When you choose a gift that is sustainable and created with high-quality materials, you show clients that your company is in sync with these values. By presenting clients with a gift that shows your brand's values, they'll have a clearer picture of what your company has to offer them. 

Presentation of your gift is also an essential part of corporate gift-giving. Having branded, neat, and custom packaging leaves a memorable first impression for those who might be new to your company. We offer custom tags, labels, and packaging so that your gift looks professional and polished to perfection. 

Turkish Towels For Employee Recognition

Recognizing your employees and choosing gifts that will positively impact employee engagement relies heavily on the personalization of your gift. One of the mistakes that some corporations make is only giving gifts around the holiday time. Though a charitable gesture to give gifts around the holiday season, it has the potential to feel impersonal to employees. To show appreciation to your employees, offer gifts around dates that are personal to them, like the anniversary of when they were hired or their birthday. 

Another way to personalize gifts for your employees is to take advantage of our custom embroidery. Depending on how large or small your group is, buying different gifts for each employee takes too much time. With custom embroidered towels, you can easily personalize each towel to the individual. Our Essential towels collection is a classic design available in a wide variety of colors and can be embroidered. Request their name or an important date to be handcrafted onto the towel to ensure that each gift is unique. Also, all of our custom embroidered towels can be altered according to color and style so that the embroidery looks top-notch and fits with your brand's logo. 

The gifts you choose for clients and employees have the power to further business relationships and strengthen team morale around the office. Just remember to focus on personalization and usefulness to pick the perfect gift. Our selection of Turkish towels will impress your recipients due to the high-quality material, embroidery, and our company's sustainability commitment. Read more about how our company's mission focuses on ways to reduce our production impact on the environment and how a portion of purchases is used to clean up our oceans here.