Christmas Gift Ideas For Her: Made In Turkey

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her: Made In Turkey - The Riviera Towel Company

Does it feel like fall just flew by and you're only now getting ready for the holiday season? The weeks leading up to Christmas can be a great time to relax with family and friends–imagine sipping eggnog by the fire or cozying up on the couch to watch all your favorite holiday movies that you've seen twenty times already. It's comfort season for sure, but with all the festivities comes preparation, which can be a tad stressful. 

One of the most prevalent traditions during the Christmas season is giving gifts. It can be a lot of fun shopping around and finding that perfect gift for your loved one. Watching their face as they open it is pretty fun too. But with the endless possibilities out there, actually deciding on a gift can be challenging. If you're looking for an excellent Christmas gift for the women in your life, including your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, friends, or in-laws, then we have you covered. Below, we'll go over our top Christmas gift ideas for her. We take pride in our work and always stock up on authentic products made in Turkey, ensuring that everything we sell is high-quality, cozy, and something she'll actually want to use. When it comes time for Christmas morning, you'll get to see her face light up with delight as she opens her gift. What could be sweeter?

Soft, Cozy, and Stylish Bathrobes

If you've spent a long time with someone, you might be running low on gift ideas. If you don't know them well, you might struggle to determine what they like. The truth is, it's not easy to come up with Christmas gift ideas for her, especially if you want to combine functionality, style, and quality into one gift. This year, we might be able to help. If you are looking for a cozy and practical gift that can be used year-round, then authentic Turkish robes for women are a great option. The robes for women you might find at your local mall (if cheaply made by a fast fashion supplier) can be scratchy or poorly made. Their patterns can also be too trendy or gaudy, which means that she could get sick of it in six months. You may want to give a genuine Turkish robe a look before you make your final decision.

If you want to avoid those pitfalls, it's best to stick to high-quality robes with classic styles, colors, and patterns to make sure that she can use the gift for years to come. A Turkish bathrobe is handmade by local artisans, meaning you can be certain the finer details are in top shape. Our collection of Turkish bathrobes features a few different styles so that you'll be able to pick out what suits your loved one best.

We have a lot of favorite products and we'll cover a few below. For starters, the essential Turkish bathrobe is designed in a classic pattern, making it suitable for many different styles. These beautiful towels (made in Turkey), feature the flat-woven fabric the country is known for producing. Ultra soft and absorbent, these make great robes to take on vacation. This means your loved one can wear them to the beach or the pool and stay comfortable and effortlessly chic. 

Take a look at the Todos Santos robe. The bright and interesting design is made to look like the Mexican Falsa blanket. This 100% Turkish cotton robe is perfect for bringing to the beach, as the weave repels sand and dries super quickly after you've taken a dip into the water. Along with every other robe on this list, it is super soft. That's ideal in a robe and means this gift will be super comfortable to lounge around at home when she feels like pampering herself.

One of the softest robes on this list is the waffle bathrobe. Just looking at the pattern can make you want to curl up and take a nap in it. Also, due to its construction, it's super absorbent, making it the perfect robe to wrap up in after taking a luxurious bath or stepping out of the shower. It comes in cool neutral colors, so it's sure to fit anyone's style.

Why Choose Gifts Made in Turkey?

For starters, Turkish cotton (like the kind used in the bathrobes listed above) is a premium cotton. Grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, these cotton fibers are extra long, which results in a smoother thread. Turkish cotton is renowned worldwide for being soft yet incredibly durable. It's no surprise it has a lot of cool benefits compared to other kinds of textiles. Benefits include:


It gets softer with every wash. Unlike other towels with synthetic materials that lose softness over time, Turkish cotton fabrics will become softer, taking on a vintage look.


It's very durable. These pieces are designed to be used for years to come. So you won't have to keep buying new items every couple of years due to wear.


It's sustainably made. As consumers become more aware of the harmful effects of fast fashion, more people are becoming interested in sustainable materials and supporting the people who make them. Turkish cotton is made with organic cotton and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Quick Drying Ability

Turkish cotton dries quickly. Due to the long flat weave, Turkish cotton materials are very absorbent. They also dry super fast, thanks to their overall thinness.


They are versatile. Handcrafted, made with high-quality material, and stylish, Turkish cotton is used for bath towels, beach towels, blankets, wraps, scarves, and even tablecloths. There are a lot more options for using Turkish cotton, depending on the item and style.


They are travel-friendly. Since Turkish cotton is so versatile and thin, they are easy to pack up into luggage or a bag when you are on the go. Since you can use them for multiple things, it makes a handy addition to your travel necessities.

Sometimes it seems that life has pressed down on the fast-forward button during the months of November and December, and before you know it, you find yourself scrambling for gift ideas for the upcoming holiday. Life doesn't have to be stressful finding Christmas gift ideas for her! When you focus on high-quality and sustainable items, you're sure to find something she'll love.

At Riviera Towel Company, we have plenty of cozy yet stylish home goods and personal garments that are perfect for giving at Christmas time. If you care about sustainability and want to get her a high-quality gift that she'll love, give our mission a glance before deciding if our robes are the right choice for you.