Stay Warm and Stay Chic: Authentic Turkish Blankets

Stay Warm and Stay Chic: Authentic Turkish Blankets - The Riviera Towel Company

A throw blanket is an easy and cost-effective way to add depth and style to a room. Not to mention functional, as they can be warm and cozy on chilly nights spent at home with a cup of tea. Finding the right blanket all depends on the decor of the room, your personal taste, and where you want to place it. Throw blankets are easy to find, with many big-name brands like Target and Walmart carrying assorted styles at low prices. With so many options for throw blankets out there, actually picking one out may seem challenging, especially if you care about sustainability and craftsmanship. 

Authentic blankets made in Turkey are great cozy accents to have in your home as they are both chic and comfortable. We'll go over some of our top picks for throw blankets, the benefits of choosing authentic Turkish blankets, and tips for styling them in the home.

Why Choose Turkish Blankets?

Authentic blankets made in Turkey come from cotton grown entirely in the region. This cotton is very different than cotton grown elsewhere. Its premium quality is due to the fibers being extra long and thin so that when spun, fewer seams are needed. This process results in a smoother material than regular cotton. 

Turkish high-quality blankets have a lot of benefits, such as 

  • Durability: Their high-quality craftsmanship and cotton mean you'll be able to keep them for years.
  • Softness: They get softer with every wash, so you'll want to keep them in your home forever.
  • Dries Quickly: They are very absorbent and dry quickly, making them ideal as outdoor blankets.
  • Environmentally Friendly: They are handcrafted sustainable blankets made in Turkey.

We have many different colors and styles available to suit different preferences and decor needs. Whether you need a pop of color in an otherwise minimal space or a dark pattern to fit into an eclectic living room, high-quality blankets can tie the style of your room together. 

For a Pop of Color

If your space could use a pop of color to brighten the space up, consider this waffle throw blanket in yellow or purple. Not only does it come in bright colors, but the waffle texture will add dimension and layers to the room. As one of our softest blankets available, this will look great at the end of your bed or the back of your couch. Wherever you decide to put it, you'll want it in arm's reach whenever you're ready to curl up in a soft blanket.

For a Classic Design

If you're looking for a throw with a classic print to add to your room, then this hand-woven blanket is a great option for a lot of traditionally styled rooms. This comfortable blanket is perfect for layering on your bed for added warmth on cold nights and early mornings when you need an extra cozy blanket. It has a simple design with hand-tied tassels that add a bit of style when they hang off the edge of your bed or the back of the couch. It's also machine washable, so it's a functional throw that you can use without fear of spilling on it or getting it wet. 

For Warmth

When you are shopping for throw blankets, it's important to consider the time of year. You may want to stick with soft, comfortable, and thin blankets for moderate temperatures. But if you're looking at freezing temperatures for the winter, you're going to want a thick blanket that can keep you warm.

Sometimes you just really need a cozy throw blanket for the coldest days of the year. This fleece wrap throw is perfect for wrapping yourself up on the couch while watching holiday movies. This hand-woven blanket features an extra layer of fleece to keep you warm. 

For Versatility

If you are looking for a blanket that works as a throw in the living room and also can be used as an outdoor picnic blanket, then this versatile and comfortable blanket is the right choice for your needs. It's oversized, so you can get comfy on the couch under it or fit a couple of people on it for a picnic. With a wide variety of colors and a simple striped design, this blanket fits with most decor, making it easy to move from room to room as necessary. 

How Can You Style a Throw Blanket in the Living Room?

If you prefer a more contemporary style, then your blankets should match the clean lines happening in the room. Opt for neatly folded throw blankets placed in the middle of the couch or chair for a symmetrical look. If your style is a bit more relaxed or eclectic, then artfully placing a messy blanket strategically across the corner of your couch might be the best approach. 

How Can You Style a Throw Blanket in the Bedroom?

Throw blankets tend to look best when placed at the end of the bed. The added layer gives the bed a more cozy look, and you can also play with colors by contrasting them with the comforter. You can fold them neatly horizontally for a clean symmetrical look or drape them diagonally for an asymmetrical, casual look. Also, if you have an armchair in the bedroom, a throw blanket would look nice if it was neatly folded or draped across the back of it.

Blankets made in Turkey are made from premium cotton, ensuring that it is super soft and durable. With different styles, thicknesses, and colors, there are many different options for you to find the perfect match for your house's decor. Authentic Turkish towels are handmade and sustainable. If you are interested in grabbing one of our blankets to use in your home, you can learn more about our commitment to sustainable fashion and our mission to heal and protect the earth's oceans.