Unconventional Uses for your Turkish Towel

Unconventional Uses for your Turkish Towel - The Riviera Towel Company

When it comes to your Turkish towels, it's important to note that they have several uses outside the typical everyday beach and pool towel! Riviera Towels are not only stylish but soft yet durable, so they can be used around the house as well as an accessory! 

  1. Scarf

Wrap a Turkish towel around your neck for added warmth and comfort! This is excellent for traveling when you need to conserve space. It could be worn as a scarf at the airport, a blanket on the plane, and a towel at your hotel. Click here to see our recommendation to travel in cozy style!

     2. Table Cloth 

Whether you find yourself at an outdoor picnic, or want to add a pop of color to your dining table, the Essential picnic blanket is a great option. In over forty colors, you’re bound to find a perfect accent piece to brighten up your home. Click here to browse our essential towel.

    3. Wall Tapestry

If you have a blank wall and need an easy fix to change up your space, hanging up one of our cotton Turkish towels is a great idea. For a minimalist look, hang your favorite towel up and display it as a tapestry. If you are looking for something a little more detailed, hang up several towels in a similar color way to create a cohesive statement piece in your living space!

   4. Yoga mat cover

Yoga sessions can be a great way to exercise and break a sweat, but that means your yoga mat is often left with bacteria lingering from your latest sweat session. To minimize odor and to get rid of leftover bacteria, bring a cotton turkish towel with you to your next workout as a yoga mat cover! Here are some of our Ischia towels that are thinner and more absorbent, which makes them the perfect workout buddy.