How to Decorate Your College Dorm Room

How to Decorate Your College Dorm Room - The Riviera Towel Company

Summer coming to a close means that many students are returning to campuses this fall. If you, or someone you know is about to be a first year student, then you know how stressful the planning and packing for dorm life can be. The way you arrange your apartment may reveal a lot about who you are. Redesigning your room might help you align your personality with your living area. After you've finished designing your room, you'll feel more confident in your space and more at ease in it. Unfortunately, college students rarely have a lot of room to work with. However, The Riviera Towel Company has some great pieces to tie together a college dorm and make it feel like home. Here are two of our most popular blankets and Turkish towels that you can take inspiration from;

1. Throw Blankets 


Throw blankets are an essential part of any bedding regime, but what makes the RTC throw blankets so special is their versatility. These blankets look great at the end of any bed to add an extra pop of color, but if you're going to the park, beach, or any outdoors location, these blankets are great to lounge on with multiple friends. Pictured here is the La Jolla throw adding a cozy element to this otherwise plain chair setup. Typically freshman year of college is chaotic and stressful, so having multiple throws for picnics, unexpected guests, or to snuggle up with during finals is a must.

2. The Essential Towel

Don’t underestimate the power of a cute bath towel while living in a dorm room. When you’re living in such a small space, being able to save on storage is a big deal. When out of use the essential towels can be used as a cute chair cover, additional blanket, wall hanging, or even a scarf. Instead of having to deal with the eyesore and the storage issues of plain bath towels littering your space, knock two birds out with one stone by having your hygienic products double as decor. Pictured here is the Savona Turkish towel in Navy being used at the pool

Overall, being able to have versatile and durable pieces is the most important thing to note when beginning to pack for college life. We have great options for you to keep your room feeling like home, while also being able to make the most out of your storage. 

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