The Riviera Towel Company Reinvents the Turkish towel with micro Terry Cloth

Turkish Towels Terry Cloth Back

Long known for their thin flat weaves, stylish stripes and bright colors, RTC has improved upon these century old faves by looming a layer of micro cotton terry cloth on the back making what is perhaps the most perfect towel on the planet.

Terry Cloth Turkish Towels Thin Flat Stylish

At lot of people new to Turkish towels often are confused by their thin woven feeling and have a hard time believing that after a few washes they're more absorbent than many of their terry cloth cousins. 

RTC decided that a gateway towel was needed to help convince the non-believers that you can have a flat towel and still get ultra dry with our new micro fiber looming technique that maintains the thin nature but a layer of micro plush cotton loops. 

Turkish Terry Back Stripped Beach and Bath Towels

The result is perhaps the most luxurious feeling towel available on earth that still packs up tight for easy travel. "We're having trouble keeping up with the demand and have recently added four new looms dedicated to this revolutionary leap in towel technology." 

With three styles available and more on the way get a few before they sell out today.... 

Terry Back Turkish Towel