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All About Our Turkish Tassels!

All About Our Turkish Tassels!


Here at Riviera Towel Company all of our beautiful towels are unique in that they all have tassels and all the tassels are different! We have five different types of tassels: the Hand Tied Knot Tassel, Straight Fringe Tassel, Raw Fringe Tassel, Twist Tassel and of course a personal favorite the Pom Pom Tassel.  We are now offering custom tassels on our towels so you are able to choose any towel/ tassel combination!  

The Tassel is a Turkish skill that is passed down from generation to generation to get it just right, just as making the towels are.  The tassel is the only ornament crafted that has lasted throughout history and they date back as far as the 14th century.




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