Riviera Towel Sponsors Park & Rec Volley Ball Camps

Riviera Towel Sponsors Park & Rec Volley Ball Camps - The Riviera Towel Company

The Riviera Towel Company donated Custom Turkish Towels to Santa Barbara's Park & Rec Volley Ball Camp. 

"They make the best prizes because the kids all love them" said camp director Jordan Dyer.  "They're really perfect towels for volley ball because they're light weight and super absorbent so they kids can dry off after jumping in the ocean" 

"Over the years Riviera Towel has been a sponsor of other Beach Volley Ball leagues including the Santa Barbara's 805 and the CBVA. For us it really a great fit to support a lifestyle fitness sport while helping the camps with towels for trophies" said founding partner Shannon DiPadova. 

"We launched Riviera Towel with the mission of supporting Marine agencies who are working hard to keep our beaches and oceans clean", says Co-Founder Albert DiPadova. "So it makes sense for us to help spread our message by sponsoring beach volley ball because there's nothing more beautiful than a day playing volley ball on a clean beach and healthy ocean. "

Learn about the Marine Agencies that Riviera Towel Supports.