Enhance your Home Décor with Beautiful Turkish Towels and Blankets

Enhance your Home Décor with Beautiful  Turkish Towels and Blankets - The Riviera Towel Company

You may think of Turkish towels as luxury items that will be resigned to your linen cabinet, but in reality, Turkish towel material is incredibly versatile. And once you’ve discovered the magic of Turkish towels, you’re sure to want to surround yourself with as many variations as you can get your hands on.


Today, let’s take a closer look at where you can incorporate our Turkish towel fabric and designs into your home décor. First up: our Turkish blankets.

Turkish Blankets

At Riviera Towel Company, we’ve taken many of our most popular Turkish towel designs and adapted them for use as blankets. Many clients who purchase Turkish towels do ultimately adapt them for use as blankets in the home, simply because they’re so soft and warm. So, our expansion to blankets was only natural.


Explore the La Jolla Throw Blanket, Umbria Throw Blanket, Essential Blanket, and more. The durable nature of Turkish cotton makes these blankets perfect for heavy-duty use as picnic blankets and other outdoor areas, while the fabric’s softness lends itself to all your favorite indoor uses. Better yet, get a few and stash some for outdoor use while you enjoy the others on the couch, at the end of your bed, or anywhere else you could use a little extra luxury and comfort

La Jolla Throw Blanket


These super versatile blankets also have many uses; they’re not just for the beach. They make great picnic blankets or tablecloths. Whether you use it at the beach, pool or in your bedroom, these classic striped Turkish blankets will work perfectly with any decor. Choose from a wide variety of colors you’ll love to show off in this classic striped design.

Turkish Hand Towels

Next on the list, our Turkish hand towels are beautiful, smaller versions of our original Turkish towels. They look great as bathroom hand towels, kitchen hand towels, display towels that are just for show (you know the ones), or guest room towels that you save to impress company. If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, the ultra-absorbent nature of Turkish cotton is also perfect for your go-to gym towel.


When it comes to these smaller towel options, we have something for everyone. Check out our Waffle Hand Towel in a variety of pastel colors if you like the waffle pattern, or opt for the Monterey Turkish Towel and Monterey Hand Towel if you want to match your everyday use towels. If you prefer a striped pattern for your bathroom or kitchen décor, our Antibes Hand Towel is for you!

Monterey Hand Towel


Our versatile Monterey hand towel is a best-seller.  Made from soft Turkish cotton, these towels are not only stylish, but durable.  Use them in the kitchen or they look great used alone or layered over your favorite towel in the bath. Also, works great for a gym or sport towel, as it dries quickly and packs up small.

Why Turkish Towels

When it comes to home décor pieces, you have a ton of options beyond Turkish towel designs. So why should these products stand out? In addition to the balance of durability, softness, and portability that we mentioned above, all of our Turkish towel products are made in Turkey, near the Aegean region where the cotton is originally grown.


What’s more, each and every product is sustainably sourced, OEKO-TEX Certified, and contributes to the 5% profit that we share with marine agencies working to heal and protect our oceans. Our products feel good as you enjoy them in your home and as you reflect on the impact your purchase makes for the future of our planet.

Rimini Towel


We love the design of our Rimini Turkish towel. Contrasting chevron print and stripes with tied tassels make for a fun beach or pool towel.  As with all of our towels, this one also functions as a wrap, sarong, throw, etc. Carefully woven with 3 dimensional patterns, they are the luxurious Turkish towels you would expect to find at any 5-star hotel or luxury resort.

Check out our blankets, towels, and other home designs to find the perfect fit for your home. 

(And, if you want to shop home goods beyond Turkish towels, we have that too! Shop here.) See you next time!