Why We Travel to Turkey For The Highest Quality Textiles

Why We Travel to Turkey For The Highest Quality Textiles - The Riviera Towel Company

We believe in well made textiles that last. That is why we travel to Turkey to meet with our factories to ensure high quality products. 

Stylish stripes Turkish Cotton Towels and Peshtemals

Our factories have been producing towels for generations, and there are centuries of knowledge that goes into each towel. 

Whether you need 20 or 2000 our factories in Turkey have the capacity to produce thousands of units per day.  Each factory has a washing facility to pre-wash our fabrics fabrics to softest perfection.  

Our main products are Turkish Towels, otherwise known as Peshtemals, Peshkirs and Foutas. We use 100% Turkish cotton and bamboo for our products. 

We only works with the most reputable dye factories in Turkey that are OEKO-TEX Certified.

Our factories use handloom machines and semi-auto loom machines. Our loom machines are suitable for dobby-style peshtemal weave and jacquard-style peshtemal weave.  

Every step of the production process is carefully monitored for sustainability and comply with the Retail EU standards for environmental sustainability. Not just marketing hype- OEKO-TEX has even tougher standards than the US based laws for textile manufacturing. 

We've produced several designs for large corporate events and offer customization services.  We also offer wholesale pricing to retail stores.  

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