100,000 units ready to ship from our warehouse in Turkey

Turkish Towel Ready To Ship Internationally

Our wholesale fulfillment begins in Turkey where we ship 1000 of units per week internationally.  With over 100,000 units ready to ship we can often fulfill massive orders within weeks. 

Turkish Towels in Our Warehouse in Turkey


If we do not have a specific color in the quantities required production can take 2-3 weeks. 

Our factories can produce 5000 units per day. The fulfillment of 10,000+ units requires pre-washing, sewing and packing and can be delivered within 3-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.  



Finishing fringe, twisted knots or loose knots can be created for most all designs or we can sew a seam for clean straight edge without tassels.

  • Lock Stitch Fringe 
  • Loose gathered Knots 
  • Twisted Tied Knots 

    Our shipping department in Turkey are experts at international shipping our Turkish Towels around the world. 

    Packaging and Shipping Department in Turkey