CA/SB/PO 8oz Candle

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CA/SB/PO 8oz Candle

Regular price $ 26.00
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Californianaturally refreshing notes of Sea Salt paired with the beautiful aromas of Orange Blossoms and Night Jasmine. Never before has time at home felt so much like a sunset walk at the beach.

Pacific Ocean: Refreshing notes of the salty Pacific Ocean air with sweet Grapefruit and sensual Jasmine

Santa Barbara:  a tribute to this wonderful place, capturing the essence of its unique charm and character in a single scent. With notes of Sea Salt, Beachwood and Lime, this candle evokes the aromas that define this remarkable town.

The Classic amber glass jar has a diameter of 2.9" and is 3.5" tall, with an approximate burn time of 40-60 hours.

Maximum Scent Load. Our hot throw, meaning the release of fragrance while the candle is burning, is what sets us apart. We achieve an unparalleled scent throw intensity by using a premium coconut-soy-apricot wax blend, which allows a scent load of 12.5% (the ratio of scent to wax). A pure soy candle, in contrast, can only absorb 8% scent. As a result, our candles include 56% more scent than even the best soy candles in the market, (and, of course, 100% phthalate-free).


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Honestly reviewed

Beverly NY

I did my research before buying and I couldn't be happier, everything is as advertised.....

Highly recommend

Jessica  TX

Thick Turkish Towels and Strong Tassles that that unravel in the wash 

Amazing value

Amanda UT

You get what you pay for and these are well wroth it. I still have the ones I purchased last year, love! 

Arrived quickly

Elizabeth VT

Bought on Wednesday and they arrived Friday! Thanks for the quick delivery. 

Perfect size

Brittany FL

I needed a towel to cover my lounge chair and the 70" length was just right good fit. Thanks. 

Love the color

Lauren CA

I've washed Riviera Turkish Towels dozens of times and the colors are still vivid. Fantastic tassels too. 

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"Many of us ask what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something or does not do something."

— Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Heal The Ocean Santa Barbara
Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara
Coral Restoration Donations
Channel Island
Whale and Dolphin Conservation