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Antibes Striped Turkish Towel - French Riviera Style

The stripe design of the Antibes towel is quintessentially French and only fitting that this collection be named after this historic Mediterranean beach town on the French Riviera. 

Made from finely loomed Turkish cotton, these towels are perfect in warm climates and for traveling, as they dry very quickly, are highly absorbent and pack very small.  And they are not only for the beach bath or pool…they have many other uses! 

Use as a scarf, sarong, light blanket, tablecloth, picnic blanket and they can also be used to replace your regular terry towels in your bathroom. Your Turkish beach towels will get softer after each washing.

These towels are fun bridesmaid's gifts and look great monogrammed for yourself or embroidered as a gift. 

Proceeds from the Sale of the Antibes Towel go to support The National Marine Sanctuaries

Features include:

      • 100% Turkish cotton
      • Weight 365-gr
      • Towels measure 100 x 180 cm (70 x 40 inches)
      • Machine wash cool, tumble dry low
      • Handmade in Turkey
      • Experience a new level softness with each wash

Thin by design, stylish and versatile. Turkish Towels are absorbent, fast drying, pack tight for light travel, warm and fashionable. 

Proceeds from the Sale of the Antibes Towel go to support The National Marine Sanctuaries

For everyone who loves the ocean and wants to ensure its healthy future, America’s National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation are delivering real solutions and measurable results.

Spanning 175,000 square miles, from Cape Cod to American Samoa – larger than all national parks combined – the 14 federally-designated national marine sanctuaries are unique destinations. They sustain critical, breathtaking marine habitats…are home to research and conservation innovation…offer learning experiences and outdoor recreation for all ages…and bring billions of dollars to their local economies.

A private, non-profit organization, NMSF plays a vital role in the work of the sanctuaries and the goal of a healthy ocean. Across the system, we create opportunities for education, citizen science, outreach and community engagement. We are also a strong, respected advocate for ocean awareness and protection with policymakers in the US and worldwide.

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