Wholesale production info and terms conditions

Custom orders - no cancelations, refunds or partial credits will be accepted.
Payment by ACH is preferred -or 3% credit card processing fee will be assessed.
Shipping is a close estimate any additional fees will be billed separately but will not
exceed +/- 5% of total shipping estimate.

RTC ships via UPS DHL and FEDEX and shall not be held responsible for failure or delay in delivery of the goods under this contract by failure of the shipping service or consequences of Force Majeure.

Once delivered to shipping provider risk of loss and damage shall pass to the Buyer. By submitting payment, you acknowledge your formal confirmation and acceptance of these terms.

Riviera Order Process .
Sending a PO starts your order.
You will receive an Online payment link to start the order.
Orders will not begin until they are 100% pre-paid

Once we receive a PO it triggers dozens of processes, including ordering of thread, scheduling of looms, movement of inventory form one warehouse to another. Every one of these processes cost time and money.

A PO is literally sending a contract to start production with the guarantee that it will be paid.
Because all of our projects are custom there’s no cancelations and there’s no refunds.

- This is written on everyone of our invoices.

You will receive a virtual proof to start the process.
If requested we can also provide a stitch out proof.

Please note : Our approval process is not a "go-no-go" decision point to continue the order.
The purpose of the virtual & stitch out proof is to catch any issues with the art.
Art approvals can not stop or reverse the production process.

These policies ensure that we can deliver premium textiles, with fast production, at low prices.