Imprint Method: Embroidery - Based on EQP 

Qty 6k 8k 12k 15k 18k 21k
Price $4.60 $7.34 $9.10 $8.88 $6.67 $6.48


Price does not Include: Estimated - Costs depend on Qty and US vs. Turkish factory work. -

Here’s the link to our US Embroidery - The Pros of using US is they can typically be completed in 24-48hrs. The cons, US fees are 3x our Turkey Embroidery.

The Pros about our Turkish Embroidery is 70% less than the US - and it is as good if not better than our US.

The cons about the Turkish Embroidery is that the MOQ is 120 Units and takes about 7-10 days + extra shipping time and costs.

To summarize our Turkish embroidery is excellent and even with the shipping costs is usually less expensive if you have the time in your schedule for it. 

To calculate our Turkish Embroidery prices simply use the US charge and take 70% off.