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Our goal was to create a company that gives back to like-minded organizations while providing beautiful textiles for your home. By bringing our products direct to our customers we are able to offer high quality textiles from artisans around the world at affordable prices while still donating a portion of our sales to organizations that are dedicated to saving the ocean.


Created by artisans, our products are made using traditional methods to create unique and enduring textiles. Not just beach towels, our designs are not only beautiful, but versatile and can be used during any season, inside or outside, by a bonfire or on a chaise at the pool, as a scarf, tablecloth, or sarong - they can truly be used every day.

Our Story 

The Riviera Towel Company was founded by serial entrepreneurs and husband & wife team, Shannon & Albert DiPadova. Both of them life-long coastal dwellers, Albert grew up on the beaches of Long Island and the Florida Keys and Shannon in sunny Santa Barbara, California. They met in San Francisco and after 15+ years of living in the city they decided to return to Santa Barbara to raise their three children. They truly love living in this beautiful beach town and not only have a commitment to their community, but also want to give back by supporting organizations that are committed to caring for the ocean and coastal life. 



The American Riviera is our home and muse, but we also draw inspiration from the Rivieras around the world. The colors we select come from the little details, such as Santa Barbara's bougainvillea, the blue of the Mediterranean sea in the South of France and the fragrant lemons of the Amalfi Coast - They are in fact woven reflections of the Rivieras for your home.

Ripples to Waves 

We like to think our collections are more than beautiful towels; to us they are the embodiment of our desire to protect and restore our Oceans on a global scale.  We hope that creating relationships with world class marine foundations will turn our towels into waves of advocacy.    

"Many of us ask what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something or does not do something."

— Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer


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