What is So Special About Turkish Towels ?

What is So Special About Turkish Towels ? - The Riviera Towel Company

A Turkish Towel is not really a towel as much as it is a stylish wrap, throw, scarf or sarong.

Turkish Towels Are Scarfs Sarongs Wraps and Throws

Turkish Towels have been popular all across Europe for centuries and are just starting to catch on in the US, but many people still don't understand how versatile they can be.

To most Americans when we say the word "Towel" we generally envision heavy white Terrycloth butr unfortunately, there's no English word that conveys a beautiful fashion accessory that's both a towel a wrap, a scarf, a sarong all at once. 

Europeans have long referred to Turkish Towels as "Foutas" or "Peshtemals" which originated as Ottoman bath towels.    


 Turkish Scarf Wrap Sarong Towel


Thin by design, the 100% Turkish Cotton fabric will quickly dry you after a dip in the ocean but they're also just as good for looking stylish on a cool evening as a wrap or scarf.

Even though the 100% Turkish cotton is a thin flat weave they are incredibly absorbent, like Sham-Wows for your body they are perfect for drying off after the bath, pool or beach.  

 Man using a Riviera Towel as a Sarong  Turkish Towel