Why Embroidery looks so good in our Products?

Why Embroidery looks so good in our Products? - The Riviera Towel Company

The Embroidery Technique is the craft of decorating textiles or other materials using a needle to apply thread or a wide variety of yarn colors.


 The art of embroidery has been found worldwide , and several early examples have been found. We  are happy to offer to our clients this specific art on any of our Riviera Towel Products, adding your logo, monograms and more to your company/event!


With lots of Thread Colors and combinations we invite you to promotion your product with us using this great technique.



HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE Embroidered products look highend, even if they don’t have a high price point. Adding embroidery is an easy way to make beach towels look more upscale, which is great for companies looking for high-end branding.


DURABILITY Unlike other decoration methods that will wear off over time, embroidery is extremely durable and won’t fade or break apart after multiple washes. Even if embroidery is a little more expensive in the beginning, it’s a better investment because the branding will last.


VERSATILITY You can embroider any color over any color (unlike other methods, where it can be hard to print light colors on a dark shirt). In fact, you can even embroider tone on tone. This means you won’t run into any issues decorating with your client’s specific brand color – whatever they ask for, you can provide.


 Did you know The first logo designed and embroidered was the Lacoste crocodile in 1933 ?