Stylish Turkish Towels The Secret Reveled

Stylish Turkish Towels The Secret Reveled - The Riviera Towel Company

What is a Turkish towel? It's not your average terry cloth towel. (Despite being just as absorbent.) A pestemel or fouta, also called hamman towels in Turkey where the name originated from, these tightly woven creations come with an added bonus for style-conscious users; their handcrafted fringes make them both practical and chic at once! Flat weaving makes it super lightweight so you can take this with ease anywhere--beachside villas perhaps even through airports on holiday trips abroad.

Peshtemals are the perfect travel companion. They take up very little space, and because they’re flat-woven it means that these towels will always be soft on your skin without any puckered or pulled impressions from frequent use in an hotel room! When traveling with peshtemal linens you can roll them up nicely to save some extra luggage weight while still having access all of its benefits - no more wet dresses at day's end either thanks so much this helpful fabric choice by visiting ____ today

Will my Turkish Towel tassels hold up in the wash ?

The short answer is YES, and NO because while they're 100% Turkish Cotton, sometimes the knots unravel, which is completely normal, just twist and re-tie.

Did you know not all knots are created equal?

There are actually 6 different "Edge Finishes" you can look for in a Turkish Towel.

  1. Long Twisted Fringe
  2. Straight Fringe
  3. Single Knot Tassel
  4. Short Traditional Twisted Knots
  5. Straight Edge Sewn Seams. "Tassel-less"
  6. Straight Edge with Hand Sewn Pom Pom Tassels

Terry Towels are bulky and never dry but we love the feeling of Terry so we invented the Terry Back Turkish Towel.

So many different styles, Classic Premium and Luxury with dozens of color combinations.

  • Stylish Strips with micro terry cloth back
  • Cotton grown in Turkey's Aegean region
  • Turkish Towels dry fast so never get musty

Turkish Towels, known as Peshtemals are a luxurious alternative to standard towels. They’re made of very absorbent, soft flat woven material that can be used with any bathroom decor - classic or modern ! Not only will you enjoy the comfort these provide but they'll make cleaning up after your shower much easier too with their large surface area and stylish fringe detail.

So what is the best Turkish Towel weight, Classic Premium or Luxe ?

There's no right answer here, but don't think that just because our Classic Turkish Towels are less expensive they're not as good as the others. They're less expensive because they're thinner than the others, but this makes them more versatile, as a scarf or sarong.

With their perfect size and weight, our Turkish Towels towels are versatile enough to master a variety of tasks — from keeping your dog cool on the beach or lake shoreline, covering yourself during an afternoon siesta by replacing sheets with one lightweight Turkish cotton towel. And they make great home textiles too! Whether you're adding excitement into dinner time at week's end; putting together last minute picnic baskets before heading outdoors again tomorrow morning - these versatile pieces work equally well as table runners (come summer!), sofa throws.

"The best thing about my Turkish towel is that it's my scarf, my wrap or a quick picnic throw."

Did You Know There's A Season for Turkish Towels ?

Every year we work on developing new Turkish Towel styles in the winter months so that come spring you'll have new stripe combinations and designs to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Peshtemal now! It's the perfect way to add some style and comfort into any outfit. From beach front towns like St Tropez or Santa Barbara where celebrities wear them all day long (think Jennifer Aniston) down by pool side at home in Los Angeles - Chic Turkish Towels are sure make a great addition no matter where life takes us:)

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