Donate Now To Turkey's Earthquake Relief - UNHCR

Donate Now To Turkey's Earthquake Relief - UNHCR - The Riviera Towel Company

Two deadly earthquakes rocked Türkiye and Syria, killing and injuring thousands of people with tremors felt as far away as Lebanon. 

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Türkiye hosts the world's largest refugee population, including more than 3 million from Syria. Resources in the region are stretched incredibly thin. Families impacted by the earthquakes are already struggling through humanitarian crises made worse by severe winter storms, economic instability and war.

They are resilient and strong, but they cannot survive on strength alone. Your compassionate support can help keep UNHCR on the ground, providing blankets, emergency shelter, lifesaving aid and medicine. Your generous gift will have an immediate impact.

Refugees and displaced families everywhere are in urgent need of kindness and assistance. You can help them with a compassionate donation right now. Please don't hesitate, every second counts.


Turkey Earthquake Relief

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