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Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel
Cádiz Towel

Cádiz Towel

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100% Turkish cotton


Perfect for travel

as they fold up very small, dry quickly and have multiple uses



Towels measure

100 x 180 cm (70 x 40 inches)

Our Cádiz collection is inspired by the ancient port city in southwest Spain. Made from finely loomed 100% Turkish cotton, this is a medium weight towel that is extremely soft.  We love the boho print and fringe tassels.  The print is on both sides - one with the main color and the other side is the reverse with white being the primary color, so you get two towels in one!

These towels are perfect in warm climates and for traveling, as they dry very quickly, are highly absorbent and pack very small.  And they are not only for the beach…they have many other uses!  Use as a scarf, sarong, light blanket, tablecloth, picnic blanket and they can also be used to replace your regular terry towels in your bathroom. Your turkish beach towels will get softer after each washing.

Features include:

  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Available in Coral, Turquoise, Navy and Charcoal Grey. 
  • Perfect for travel, as they fold up very small, dry quickly and have multiple uses
  • Machine wash cool, tumble dry low
  • Towels measure 100 x 180 cm (70 x 40 inches)


Proceeds from the Sale of the Cadiz Collection go to support 4Ocean

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