What is the standard GSM for Turkish Towels

What is the standard GSM for Turkish Towels

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What is GSM?  This may be one of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers when it comes down to choosing a new Turkish bath towel. What does this mean, you ask?

It means that there are many different qualities and weights available in Riviera Towel Company’s product line ranging from light outer layer summers suitable for drying off after an outdoor activity or workout session allthe way up through heavy terry designed specifically for people who like heavy plush bath towels.


Thin By Design Turkish Towels Pack Up Tight for Easy Travel


Thicker Is Not Always Better

The best way to understand what GSM means, is by looking at a towel example. If you have ever had an idea for the perfect fabric and wanted it made into a blanket or pillow case then this number would be helpful in guiding your decision on which type of material is going  to work well with whatever design ideas that may come up during production! For those who do not know how many grams per square meter there different types towels can offer - here's some information about them all:

  1. 300-400 GSM – Light weight Turkish towels are thinner, but, depending on its use, a lightweight, quicker-drying beach towel is easier to pack and dry out. They also are more versatile as a scarf or wrap. 

  2. 400-600 GSM –  Medium weight, great for beach towels, bath towels, guest towels and so forth. Each consecutive gram weight –400, 500, 600– gets a little heavier and more absorbent.

  3. 600-900 GSM – This is a premium, luxury weight. Typically with thick cotton terry loops this towel will be denser, heavier, more absorbent. However it will take longer to dry and you wouldn't be wearing it around


When Thinner Is Not Always Better

What's GSM? Towels vary in weight, size and quality. The higher the number that reads "grams per square meter," or sometimes just known as Grams for short., This refers to how dense your towel is; with Turkish cotton being among some of finest fibers available today thanks largely due its superior comfort level during drying time after use at either home or on vacation! What's the difference between a Turkish cotton towel and other types? Turkish towels have been known for their durability, utility in various situations such as camping or hiking. They also come with an additional benefit - they're softer than most fabrics because there isn't any chemical processing done during production which reduces irritation from sweat when worn against skin!  In general though you'll find high quality Terry models weighing around 700-900 GSM (depending upon brand) whereas lighter versions can be noticeably thinner at 300.

Which GSM Weight is Right For Me? There are many different cotton towel options, with varying degrees of absorbency and drying time. The weight can be a factor for some people who want quicker drying during their bath routine; however the higher numbers mean that these types will require more effort before they're dry enough to use again (or put away).  One thing worth noting: if you have sensitive skin or an impaired immune system then stay far away from 600+ gram weights as those will only make things worse!


The heavier the weight, the more absorbent it will be. For example: A 300-400 GSM beach towel would have less fibers than one that measures at 350 or even 400 grams per square meter (gsm). These towels can dries quicker because they're lighter but still very effective when needed by people who go camping often; however if you plan on using your Turkish Towel cloth then we recommend getting something lighter like 200 gms instead!


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