Turkish Towels 4 Face Masks

Turkish Towels 4 Face Masks


Santa Barbara, CA April 13th 2020 - 

The Riviera Towel Co. announced today they are donating free towels to anyone who is making face masks for medical professionals and those in need. 

"When I heard one of the challenges for home based mask makers was a lack of fabric I knew we could help." - stated Co-founder Albert DiPadova.   "After boosting an ad on Facebook offering free Turkish Cotton towels for making face masks the request came flooding in from around the country"

The tight flat woven 100% Turkish cotton makes the perfect material for face masks. Depending on the number of folds you want, you can make up to 15-20 masks from one towel, which are extremely soft so they don't chafe your skin when worn all day. 

Locally, Anneliese from Santa Barbara Mask Makers is making face masks for the SB community including non-profits, grocery store workers and Animal Hospitals. She's also sending some to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC where her daughter is a surgeon.  

If people want to get involved they can visit this website to learn more. 

To request towels and learn more about RTC's program pease send an email to -  Info  @ RivieraTowel - com

Stay Safe -xoxo - RTC

Get Involved. Learn to Sew by joining one of these local groups. 





 We are so proud of these kids who took on the Most Mask Maker Challenge! #MostMaskMakerChallenge 


Turkish towels make great material for making your own face mask, it's tightly woven 100% cotton will help prevent you from coughing or sneezing on someone and spreading germs. 


If you want extra protection you can add a pocket to your face mask construction to hold a charcoal filter, like these PM2.5 which you can get from Amazon. https://amzn.to/3b9Ed2f


How to Turn A Turkish Towel Into A Face Mask 

What You'll Need:

  • A Turkish Towel - Cut into 10-inch by 6-inch rectangles of



  • Two 6-inch pieces of







    , string, or cloth strips)

  • A sewing machine 

  • Or, a basic needle and thread

How to Assemble It:

  1. Stack the two rectangles of fabric.

  2. Fold the longer, 10-inch sides 1/4 inch down and sew them together.

  3. Fold the shorter, 6-inch sides 1/2 inch over and sew at the edge, leaving a small space open for the elastic to loop in.

  4. Thread the elastic through the opening you left in step 3. Tie or sew the ends together.

  5. Tuck the knots inside the opening. Gather the short sides together and stitch the elastic into place


Our favorite video on how to sew face masks at home. 

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