The Importance of Shopping Sustainably

The Importance of Shopping Sustainably - The Riviera Towel Company

When shopping for turkish towels, there are several options on the market, but when choosing a place to shop it is important to consider the environmental impacts your purchase has. At Riviera Towel Company, each towel purchase contributes to several nonprofits such as the Surf Rider Foundation. Founders Albert DiPadova and Shannon said, “"RTC donates 5% of our net profits to several marine agencies working to heal and protect our oceans. We like to think our collections are more than beautiful towels; to us they are the embodiment of our desire to protect and restore our Oceans on a global scale. We hope that creating relationships with these world class marine organizations will turn our towels into waves of advocacy.” Here are three reasons why sustainable shopping is important, and purchasing your turkish towel from Riviera Towel Company not only benefits you, but the planet. 

  1. Less textile waste

Every second, one garbage truck carrying textile waste is deposited in a landfill or burned throughout the world. The reason behind the amount of textile waste piling up in landfills is mainly attributed too fast fashion and overconsumption practices. Brands participating in fast fashion forsake the quality of their pieces in order to lower their prices to increase consumption. Sustainable brands, on the other hand, place an emphasis on garment quality and use long-lasting materials in their manufacturing process. By purchasing items that will last longer, and are made with eco friendly materials, you can help contribute to decreasing the amount of textile waste in your community, and worldwide.

   2. Fair wages and working conditions

What keeps fast fashion popular is low prices, but these are only achievable because of harsh working conditions for workers in the garment and textile industry. This includes poor safety and health conditions, excessive working hours, and pressure to produce, which all increase the exploitation of workers. By switching to sustainable businesses and ethical brands, you may be more sure that your textiles were produced in a safe and fair working environment.

  3. Reduced carbon footprint

Turkish cotton towels vary in the material composition that fast fashion brands often use to create their textiles. Their materials mainly include petroleum based materials, compared to 100 percent turkish cotton towels. By supporting our brand, you are supporting the production of materials that require less water and less energy which reduces your carbon footprint. 

To read more about our “feel good, do good” mission, and learn how you can support RTC and our cause, click here!