Sea Turtle Conservancy Custom Towels and Tapestry

Sea Turtle Conservancy Custom Towels and Tapestry

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Riviera Towel is on a mission to help fund marine agencies like the  who's good work is saving the lives of these beautiful creatures that are vital to the health of our Ocean's ecology. 

Many people know that RTC funds Ocean clean up programs, but some are surprised to hear we're producing custom beach towels for our partners like The Sea Turtle Conservancy - P


Typically our custom Turkish Towels are embroidered with logos but better than embroidery is when we get to jacquard weave a design right into the very fabric while they are still on the loom. This gives a more artistic and permanent expression for the brands that with large imprint designs.

New for 2022 is Riviera's custom woven Tapestry, which doubles as a great throw for cool nights. Woven from 100% Turkish Cotton, they're as good on your couch as they are at a concert in the park. 

RTC produces custom beach towels, blankets, beach bags and bath robes for 100's of companies around the world and you can learn more about our customization techniques in our 

Most recently we were excited to see our newest Tapestry show up on camera during a  who said he loves the woven fabric and is grateful to have such a high-end Zoom background. 

It's quite the coincidence because it's our favorite too and hangs in the office of our Riviera Towel showroom in Santa Barbara, CA. 


Measuring 62" x 52" our custom wall tapestries are made with heavy weight cotton and add artistic flare for your home or smart branding for your office Zoom call backgrounds. 


For more info about our custom towels & blankets email us:  

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