How do I decide which is the right towel for me?

How do I decide which is the right towel for me?

Riviera Towel Co. Reporting

Finding the right towel for any need can be difficult whether it’s for pool time, bath time, beach time, or even laying in the sun time we are always looking for the right time towel. But what exactly would your perfect towel consist of? Do you know?

The average beach towel is often too damp and heavy, not good to walk with after drying off and certainly takes too long to dry. Below are a few reasons you might want to try out a Turkish cotton towel for you next waterside experience.

"Ask yourself do you want ? - Thin, fast drying and light weight or do you need a medium or heavy weight for extra warmth and comfort?"

Thin Quick Drying vs. thicker weights that have warmth & versatility –

Turkish towels are versatile and they can be used as scarves, tablecloths, and even seat covers for your vehicles giving you comfort in your everyday life.

Here are three that are thin by design to dry quick, and pack up tight, they are versatile and the most economical:





These 4 are premium weaves and a little heavier



Sanremo  70/30 Bamboo/Cotton Blend



Material & Design –

These Turkish towels are made with 100% Turkish cotton which is made in Turkey. This luxurious cotton is made with all natural materials and was made with OEKO TEX Certified yarn.

For those who don’t know OEKO-TEX is an Independent testing & Certification system which tests textiles for safety issues. It was founded in 1992. The Turkish towels made at the Riviera towels are made with certified yard tested with this system for ecology and .

Each towel design is hand chosen for its own purpose for instance “The Santa Barbara Collection” grasps the city’s Spanish colonial heritage by pushing out the bright blushing colors of the Mediterranean-style feel of home.

Our Mission –

These Turkish towels have a mission. The Riviera Towels are strong advocates of marine life and saving our oceans. In fact, their mission is to create stylish textiles that support marine agencies working to heal and protect our oceans.

Each collection of towels has their own special supportive agency.

  • Essential Round Towels – Supports “Channel Islands Foundation 

  • The Diamond Towel – Supports- The Oceana Foundation

  • The Santa Barbara Towel – Supports – “The Channel Keeper Foundation”

How much time do you spend considering your towel purchases? Towels are used often in our daily life, the importance of comforts, style, and versatility should be thought of when we decide which ones we choose to use.

Turkish cotton towels are designed with the utmost intent of comfort in mind so if you are looking for comfort in your towel, and a bit of versatility than these towels should be your next and last option.

Being confident in our purchasing choices is a goal we often strive for but finding the perfect towel is hard to come by. These Turkish towels can provide you with comfort, versatility, and even help give back to our world’s Ocean’s. What could be more perfect than that!

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