Give Your Office An Unforgettable Christmas Gift This Year

Give Your Office An Unforgettable Christmas Gift This Year


Do you find that picking out Christmas gifts for your family and close friends seems so much easier than finding corporate gifts for your office? You're not the only one. Finding worthwhile office-appropriate gifts for many people is not easy. It can be hard to strike the right balance between functionality, personalization, and incorporating your brand. After all, you don't want to gift your office team members a cheap gift that they toss out in the trash a day later. 

But coming up with Christmas ideas for the office doesn't have to be stressful. If you are looking for a great gift for your employees this Christmas, consider buying bulk Turkish towels. Not only are they high-quality gifts, but they are useful and practical for all your recipients. You can also choose to be intentional with your messaging by customizing them with your brand's embroidery. We'll go over some awesome towel options and how you can customize them for your business.

Turkish Towel Options for the Office

Hand Towels

Hand towels are a great compact gift to hand out at the office Christmas party this year. It's best to stay on the minimal side when giving corporate gifts, so gifting a set of towels for their entire home is probably not practical for handing out at the holiday party. Sticking with one set of hand towels is a practical gift that they can use every day. These  come in a classic striped design. The colors are neutral, so they'll adapt to most styles and decor of your employees' homes.

Bath towels

Turkish bath towels are luxurious yet also the ultimate practical gift. The  is so versatile and well-made that all your recipients can find uses for it. This soft, lightweight towel can be used at the beach, in the bathroom, in the pool, as a blanket, a wrap, and a scarf, to name a few options. But the possibilities really are endless. The essential bath towel comes in many different colors, from muted neutrals to the brightest shades of yellow and pink. You'll be able to pick out the colors for your order of bulk Turkish towels that feel right for your office team. 

How to Customize

One of the great parts of ordering bulk Turkish towels is the ability to customize them to your brand or any other messaging you choose through embroidery. There are a few benefits to embroidery: 

  • It makes your branding look upscale and high-end. Having this handcrafted, classic design element is a cost-effective way to jazz up any brand or logo design on your towels.

  • Embroidery lasts a long time without wear, unlike other kinds of decorations that fade over time. This speaks to the quality of the gift you want to give to your office.

  • You can customize the colors to your brand so you won't run into any style issues. 


What is embroidery? Embroidery is a type of decoration that uses thick thread to stitch a design or lettering onto a piece of fabric. 

If you choose to embroider customized towels in bulk, you'll be able to choose from our collection of fonts if you'd like to include your company's name, initials, or even a specific holiday message. If you are looking to do a customized design, you'll be able to send us that file so we can get started on your order. Sometimes though, intricate designs just don't work well with embroidery, in which case we can edit to get a usable design. 

Packaging and Labels

Along with our embroidery options, we offer custom-branded packaging and woven label tags. These finer details add to your brand's perceived value, and your office will notice the thought and care that went into getting the gift.

The Embroidery Ordering Process

When you choose to get your customized towels in bulk, we will do our best to get your embroidered gifts to you quickly. First, we will go over any designs that you have submitted to make sure that it's usable. If there are any issues with the design, we will clean it up and try to find the best way to embroider it on your towels. 

Don't worry; we won't do anything final without your approval first to make sure that you'll be happy with the final results. After you're satisfied with the final design, we'll get started working on your order. 

Our team then takes special care to ensure that every item in your order adheres to our extremely high-quality standards. We recheck every item before sending the order out for shipping. 

We know how stressful the holiday season can get, and the last thing we want is for you to be left wondering if your order will get to you in time. You'll be kept updated throughout the entire delivery process with tracking information and expected dates of arrival. 

Though we're sure you are going to be impressed with your branded Turkish towels and that your recipients will love the gifts, we'd still like to hear about your experience. So please feel free to write us a review and let us know how much you love Turkish towels.

Christmas is the season of giving. If you've been putting off buying bulk gifts for your office this year because coming up with Christmas ideas for the office was too challenging, then consider buying wholesale branded Turkish towels. Gifting your office with authentic embroidered Turkish towels shows that you value your office team members as they are soft, luxurious, and practical. We offer a wide selection of wholesale options available, as well as custom embroidery for your orders. If you are interested in learning more about our company, check out our commitment to  and our  before placing your order for .

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